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What is TIP?

  • TIP is the Trent International Program, which assists Trent students wishing to study abroad as well as international students visiting Trent.
  • The TIP Office is located in CC 302 on the 3rd floor of Champlain College.

Where can I go?

  • Trent has many host institution connections already established. If you do not see a particular destination you are interested in, you may set up your own Letter of Permission.


Am I eligible?

I'm a Trent at Oshawa student. Can I study abroad?

  • Yes! TIP Office staff visit Oshawa many times a year. Let Oshawa's main office know you are interested in studying abroad, and they will ask the TIP to come to you.


What is an Exchange?

  • An Exchange is an arrangement between Trent and a partner institution. One of the partner university’s students will come to Trent while you are visiting their school. You pay Trent tuition fees and remain enrolled as a Trent student while abroad.


What is a Department Year Abroad?

  • Some specific departments at Trent University have unique programs which combine academics and work-placement opportunities abroad to highlight aspects of the discipline. The departments which offer a Year Abroad Program are Modern Languages and Literatures and International Development Studies.

What is a Letter of Permission?

  • If you wish to go to an institution which is not one of Trent’s partners, a Letter of Permission allows you to establish a contract with Trent University which will give you credit for the courses taken at your host institution. You are responsible for arrangements with the university you are interested in.

Why is it preferred that I study abroad in my 3rd year?

  • By your 3rd year you should have adapted to university life and acquired the academic skills required to study in a foreign environment.
  • Many students finishing their 1st year often do not have the pre-requisites required for courses at a host institution.

Do I have to speak the language of the country fluently?

  • On an Exchange, no. Many of our non-English speaking partner institutions offer courses in English, regardless of the official language(s) of the country.
  • However, on a Department Year Abroad for the Modern Languages department, you will be required to take courses in the language of instruction of the host university.

Can I study overseas during the summer session?

How long will I be away?

  • You can either participate for one academic semester or a full academic year.
  • Summer programs are usually only for a few weeks.



What is the course load requirement?

  • You are expected to enroll in a normal full-time course load at your host institution.

Do I get credit for the courses I take while abroad?

  • Upon successful completion, all pre-approved courses taken at the host institution may be credited to your Trent degree.
  • If you are abroad and come across a course you wish to take, you may email the Department Chair asking for approval. Save that email, because when you return it will serve as proof or permission so you may receive credit.

How do I get a host university’s courses approved for Trent credit?

  • You must get approval from the Trent Department Chair of the department you feel the course should belong to. Make an appointment with the Department Chair and bring them the course description to see if they will give their signature and approval. You must do this for every course you will be taking while abroad.
  • The TIP Office keeps a list of courses which have been approved for exchange students in the past. If you find a course has been approved previously, you do not need to seek the Department Chair’s approval again.

Finance and Accommodations


How much does studying abroad cost?

  • You pay Trent tuition and ancillary fees for a Formal Exchange.
  • You are responsible for the cost of housing and meals. Some partners allow you to simply pay housing to Trent, but most students can expect to pay housing and meal plan to the host institution.
  • You are responsible for the cost of transportation, health, medical, and general living expenses. A more detailed explanation can be found at our Costs Page.

Is there any financial assistance available?

  • OSAP-eligible students can continue receiving OSAP while abroad.
  • There are a number of exchange awards, bursaries, loans and scholarships available to eligible students. Please inquire at the TIP Office.
  • If you have an existing scholarship it still applies when you Study Abroad

Where do I live while abroad?

  • Depending on the agreement and host institution, residence accommodations and/or a meal plan may be included in your exchange.
  • A few institutions do not have residences. If this is the case, you are responsible for finding your own accommodations. The host institution should have information on convenient accommodation locations to assist you.



When should I begin planning my study abroad?

  • As early as possible to avoid last-minute complications. You must ensure your degree requirements will be met while abroad.
  • The formal process begins in the Fall semester of your 2nd year, when TIP holds information sessions.

How do I get started planning an exchange?

  • You should begin with a visit to the Trent Study Abroad Program office, Champlain College room 301, to familiarize yourself with our exchange opportunities.
  • You should also book an appointment with your Academic Advisor to help you plan your degree and figure out your degree requirements.

Where can I find the application form?

  • The application form can be found in your myTrent in "Academics" tab under the "Study Abroad" heading inside the "Outbound" folder.

When is the deadline for applications?

  • The deadline for the 2016-2017 Study Abroad year is currently a rolling deadline, meaning that enrollment depends on the spots available at our partner universities.  Applications will end once our partners stop accepting exchange students for 2016-2017.