Where Can I Live/Accommodation?

Tuition Only Agreement

Students, who come from a university that has a tuition and ancillary agreement with Trent, will pay their tuition and ancillary fees to their home university and have the tuition and ancillary fees at Trent waived. It is up to these students to either apply to on-campus residence or find their own accommodation off-campus.

Tuition and Residence Agreement

Students, who come from a university that has a tuition and residence agreement with Trent, will pay both their tuition and residence fees to their home university, and have these costs waived at Trent. These students will be placed in a double room in Lady Eaton College with a large meal plan.

Living on Campus

Trent has four residence buildings on campus, each with their own feel and different room and meal plan options. Take a look at the chart below for a quick overview of each residence. The Champlain Annex is an off-campus apartment complex owned by Trent that students can apply to through the housing application as well. The costs are based off of 2015/16 prices and will increase each year. For guaranteed accommodation, your application must be in by no later than June 2nd, 2016. For more information on how to apply, please see the housing webpage and follow the instructions carefully.



Room Options

Meal Plan

Cost Including Meal Plan (per academic year)

Living-Learning Community

Gzowski College

-Single rooms with adjoining semi-private bathroom

3600 Residence


Environmental sustainability: an eco-conscious community where students who share a strong interest in “thinking globally and acting locally” participate.

Lady Eaton College

-Single Rooms
-Double Rooms

-Triple Rooms

3600 Residence

$6,896.00 to $10,622.00

Leaders of tomorrow: opportunity for students to develop their abilities to motivate and influence others within the broader perspective of education.

Champlain College

-Single Rooms
-Double Rooms
-Triple Rooms

3600 Residence

$6,896.00 to $10,622.00

Trent Global Living Community: students who share a common interest in global citizenship and diversity.

Active living: bringing together students with an interest in holistic well-being, personal development, physical activity and connecting to our natural environment.

Otonobee College

-Single Rooms
-Double Rooms
-Triple Rooms

3600 Residence

$6,896.00 to $10,622.00

Expressions: a vibrant community of students who share a passion for visual and performing arts

Champlain Annex

-Single bedroom in double bedroom apartment
-Double Bedroom in double bedroom apartment

500 Residence

$5,850.00 to

Off-campus student housing


Meal Plan Information:

Dining Dollars: Students with a single, double or triple room will have a 3600 Residence Dining Plan.

The Residence Dining Plan will include 3400 Dining Dollars (to be used in dining halls) and 200 Dining Plus Dollars (to be used at designated university outlets such as The Seasoned Spoon, The Planet North and the Ceilie).

Students living in apartments on Symons Campus will have 1700 Dining Dollars and 100 Dining Plus Dollars = 1800 Residence Dining Plan.

Each of the dining plans will allow for unused portions of the dining dollars to be carried over into the following year*

Please note that unused portions of Residence Dining Plans are not refundable.

 *Those returning to residence in the next year will be required to purchase a meal plan again.

Please note that Dining Dollars can be

used at every Cafeteria!

You are not limited to eating in your
own college residence’s dining hall!

Living off Campus

If you wish to live off-campus in a rental apartment or with a Canadian host family, you can use the following resources to make your own arrangements:



Canada Homestay International Website

Apartment Rentals:

Trent off-campus Housing Webpage


Off-campus Guide

Please take a moment to look at the guide to living off campus that gives you information and tips on starting your search, steps to take once you have found housing, and then things to know while living in your housing.