When a Trent sanctioned club, group or student association is hosting a sanctioned event, the Primary Event Organizer must complete a Student Event Risk Assessment Form and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs at least 7 days prior to the event.

A new online risk assessment submission form is now available. All events/ activities must be submitted in order to be labeled an official university sanctioned event.


To complete the form, click here: Student Event Risk Assessment Form

For reference, the following link has a PDF of the risk assessment form. Please only submit the electronic form, though you may keep the PDF as reference.

Reference Risk Assessment Form

Below are some documents which can assist you in organizing your events.



Voter Lists

Are you a registered Club or Group at Trent University looking to hold elections?  Contact Sako for your voter list.  Requests must be made 5 business days in advance.


Hey Clubs and Groups Executives!

Did you attend the training held on Friday, Sept. 14th from 4:00-7:00 pm? Wish you had, or wish you could review the notes from each presentation again?

Below, you'll find links to some of the major presentations that were included in the training.

Event Planning and Marketing

Inclusive Event Planning

Greening Special Events

Meeting Facilitation