Are you a Trent Durham student? Please visit the Trent Durham website for more information about the Winter Orientation program:




Winter Orientation is for students who are beginning their time at Trent in January (PETERBOROUGH STUDENTS ONLY). Trent welcomes a number of new students who begin in January, including transfer, international, mature, off-campus, and on-campus students. Winter Orientation takes place on Sunday January 7 at 2:30 pm. The event will run until 6 pm.

Winter Orientation includes the following sessions:

  • Student Life: FAQ's & Useful Tips
  • Academic Advising: Pick Your Courses & Degree Planning
  • Course Registration
  • Campus Tour
  • FREE Dinner!

​All new students are encouraged to participate in Winter Orientation by completing Winter Orientation form.

Students are also encouraged to download the TCSA App on their smart phones.


1. Download the app titled "Trent Central Student Association"

2. Click on "Current Student" and complete the form with your information, and create a new password

3. Once you are at the main page, click on the tab featuring the "Winter Orientation" logo

4. From this point you will select which college you are affiliated with. If you do not know your college affiliation, please contact

5. Join the squad in your college

6. Start or join the conversation! Our leaders are there monitoring the room and ready to answer questions, along with other students who are eager to meet new friends!