Rebound is a peer-support program that provides students such as yourself with connections to resources, services and supports on campus to help you in your transition; it is a home for any first or second year student wanting to start University off on the right foot.

You are able to you opt-in online, where shortly after you’ll be connected and encouraged to meet with a Rebound Guide; an upper year student to discuss how your transition is going, provide answers and referrals to questions, work through any challenges you may be experiencing as well as establish any goals that you might have. In these confidential conversations we will help you to find resources you may not have known existed and how to prepare for the rest of your university experience, and beyond.

100% of this year’s participants said they would recommend Rebound to a peer because it helped them with their confidence and academic performance. 


** Rebound registration for the fall 2017 semester will close  on Tuesday November 14, 2017. Any registrations submitted after this date will be considered for the winter semester beginning in January 2018. If you have any questions please contact**

Register for the Rebound Program 

A Rebound Guide will connect and contact you shortly.

What do students say about Rebound?

“Being able to meet 1 on 1 with an upper year student in your field of study is a GREAT way to gain valuable knowledge.  The Rebound Guides are very knowledgeable and provide great study tips, information about your program and can assist you in many ways.  Everyone is so nice and helpful!! It’s a lot of fun too!”

“Rebound is the best thing I decided to do as a first year.  Despite the fact my grades were ok to start with, with the help of my Rebound Guide I feel more successful and see that reflected in my grades and everyday life.”

“Rebound is a service that students should not be afraid of seeking out.  After having a rough start to my university career, going to Rebound helped restore personal confidence and a belief that I can achieve the goals and tasks I have in front of me.  I cannot recommend this program enough.”


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