Professor Deborah White (formerly Parnis)

OC 231   Ext. 7865   E-mail

I came to Trent in the early 1990s and taught as a part-time instructor until I was hired full-time in 1997. Since then my teaching has largely been in the Introductory Sociology, Culture & Society, and The Sociology of Culture & Knowledge (with an emphasis on science, technology and ‘expert knowledge’) courses. I received my B.A. in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University, but switched fields following this degree after realizing my passion for Sociology based on an elective course I had taken during that time. I then went on to complete my M.A. at the University of Toronto and Ph.D. at Carleton University, both in Sociology. My doctoral work was concerned with the study of nationalism and the political economy of broadcasting in Canada. For the past 15 years my research has been centred on critical feminist studies of the institutional (and techno-science) responses to sexual assault, particularly the role of medico-legal practices, expertise and evidence in the processing of rape cases in Canada and globally.

Teaching Areas:

Culture and society (popular culture and consumerism); introductory sociology; the social studies of science and technology; the legal processing of sexual violence


Introduction to Sociology (Soci-1010H), Culture and Society (Soci-3460H), The Sociology of Culture and Knowledge (soci-4410H).

Research Interests:

Cultural regulation and popular culture; institutional responses to sexual assault (legal, medical and scientific dimensions); gender and regulation; policy analysis; social production of scientific and forensic evidence and expertise.

General Areas of Thesis Supervision:

as above.