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Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)*

Welcome to the Social Work website. Gdi-nmokaagoom maanpii waasmowin-giigdoowin makoonsing enji-maasjimaawnjiseg. We acknowledge the territory of the Mississaugas of Curve Lake. Boozhoo! Ngii-kendaanaa maanda maanpii nikeyaa Mississauga nji-baa'aad.

The challenging field of Social Work provides essential supports to communities by helping its individuals, groups, and families meet their basic human needs while simultaneously working towards creating the conditions necessary for social change and equality. The new Bachelor of Social Work at Trent University will prepare graduates with the knowledge, values, and skills for meaningful professional practice in a wide range of social work contexts. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in social justice, human rights, and cultural awareness, you will develop a strong foundation of clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills, and social responsibility. You will explore a range of contemporary themes connected to social work from across disciplines in your first two years. Students who qualify for the professional years (years 3 and 4) will focus on the integration of social work theory and practice including a minimum of 700 hours of supervised field placement

The Social Work Program's mission is to deliver a Bachelor of Social Work program that advances knowledge and understanding of intersecting injustices and oppressive structures that create inequality, personal hardship, and suffering for marginalized peoples. Our faculty and staff are committed to anti-oppressive approaches to social work, emphasizing social justice and social action. The core ideals and values of our profession are based on mutual respect, community collaboration, diversity, open-mindedness, acceptance, compassion, flexibility, and ethical practice. From the classroom to field placement, and all of the places, relationships, and experiences in between, we hope to foster a commitment and passion to engage with us in creating the conditions necessary for equality, social justice, and social change. 

The Department of Social Work has earned pre-accreditation status from CASWE for our Bachelor of Social Work program.


Dr. Bruce Cater,

Acting Director,

Department of Social Work

Current as of December 2016