Program and Course Selection

The Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) program requires students to complete a minimum of two generalist years (10.0 university credits) prior to entering the professional years (years 3 and 4) of the Social Work program (10.0 university credits).

The Social Work Program’s goal is to deliver a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program that advances knowledge and understanding of intersecting injustices and oppressive structures that create inequality, personal hardship, and suffering for marginalized peoples. Our faculty and staff are committed to politicized social work practice that is grounded in anti-oppressive approaches to social work. Emphasizing social justice, social action, and the core ideals and values of our profession, and based on mutual respect, community collaboration, diversity, open-mindedness, acceptance, compassion, and flexibility, we endeavour to prepare students to be professional effective practitioners and assist them to develop the vision, knowledge, and skills necessary for ethical practice. Four themes have helped shape our program’s structure and content as well as support the creation of our program motto: “Passionate, practical, prepared, and professional”.  Our BSW program and its curriculum also emphasizes: centering Indigenous knowledge; incorporating Feminist perspectives; drawing on queer frameworks; developing leadership, and applying anti-oppressive perspectives.

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