Community, Students, & Events

1- Student Associations

Trent (Peterborough) - Social Work Society

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Trent (Durham) - Social Work Association

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2-Volunteer Opportunities

a) New Canadians Centre is looking for volunteers.  Please see the attached poster

b) For other volunteer opportunities in the local community visit

c) Peterborough Community Chaplaincy - current volunteer opportunities. See information sheet.  Peterborough Community Chaplaincy runs programming for offenders reintegrating into the community after serving long periods of incarceration. Volunteers traditionally assist with things such as life skills, job seeking assistance and house searching. More information can also be found on our organizations web-site

d) Dalhousie Youth Support Services is a non-profit organization in Peterborough that supports youth (ages 12 to 18) who are in conflict with the criminal justice system.  We are starting a new drop-in program and are looking for volunteers to offer their skills and expertise in facilitating engaging and interactive workshops and activities for our youth.  Our aim is to provide youth with new learning experiences and increase skill development.  If you are a student interested in getting involved, the hope is that volunteers would contribute 1 to 2 hours per week with our group of young people.  If interested please email or phone at 705 749 5705.

3-Community Social Work Opportunities and Special Events

a) International ESL Learning Centre

b) Amigos in the Community Program at Heads up for Inclusion.  We have some exciting volunteer opportunities available for those interested in working one-on-one developing a friendship with someone who has barriers to inclusion or a disability.  The time commitment is 3-4 hours biweekly and a phone contact on the off week.  There will also be group events from time to time that will be free and all volunteers and Amigos will be welcome (ie: Paintnite, cooking class, karaoke, etc).  For more information see the attached flyer

c) STEPS (Skills To Enhance Peer Support) Workshop at Trent Peterborough. STEP aims to develop skills to empower participants to feel comfortable providing resources and referrals to members of the Trent community, and beyond, who may be experiencing moments of stress or distress.  The program requires participants to take five out of a possible eight workshops that focus on health and wellbeing, communication skills, diversity and inclusivity and leadership.  Students who are interested in pursuing a career in a health related field, teaching or education, or are looking for on campus employment that focusses on peer support (or current peer support staff who want to polish or enhance their skills) will find this certificate helpful to add to their co-curricular record or resume.  A full listing of workshops that are being offered this semester can be found at

d) Gender Journeys is a program offered through the Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge that provides programming, education, and support services for transgender people, gender diverse individuals, people questioning their gender identity, and family, partners and loved ones of transgender, gender diverse, and questioning folks. Please see attached flyer

e) YWCA Canada invites you to invest in your future and enhance your leadership skills by joining us for the upcoming YWCA Canada Young Women’s National Leadership Summit! Think Big Lead now is a wonderful opportunity for Girls & Young Women between the ages of 18 and 25 to get involved in developing and enriching their leadership skills in a supportive and welcoming environment. This leadership program will include guest speakers such as Youth Activist, Spoken Word Poet, Educator and Community Leader, Zoey Roy. As well as include e-learning workshops, a 3-day immersive training summit, group mentoring and the completion of a community engagement event. Bursaries are available for those who may need support covering accommodation and registration costs.  To learn more please contact or visit us at

f) Picture from the Peterborough Pride Parade - September 2016

g) Students from the BSW Program at Trent University attended the Women’s March in Washington on January 21, 2017. Watch news clip at or view pictures from the event here.

h) Trent University Alumni Association – Special Panel Presentation in Ottawa – February 27, 2017.  Link to video.

i) Picture from the Tampon Tuesday Event

j) Durham Region International Women's Day Event - March 8 - see Poster for details

k) From Dreams to Hope: A Journey Past Trauma - Upcoming Workshop - May 15 - see Poster for details

l) Empowerment, Sensitivity, Support and Sustainability WMRCC of Durham Event - March 21 - see Poster for details

m) Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Seminar – March 23 – see poster for details

n) Reducing Gaps for Indigenous Peoples in Totonicapán, Guatemala - March 24 - see Poster for details

o) Sexual exploitation of Children/Youth: Much closer than You Think - Upcoming Workshop - June 20th - see Poster for details


4- Field Advisory Committees (FAC)

Peterborough - Next FAC meeting date - April 6, 2017

Durham - Next FAC meeting date - April 6, 2017

5- Student Appointments to BSW Committees 2016-17

Department of Social Work Faculty/Staff Committee 

Durham – Hilary Duffin

Peterborough – Nikyla Talgoy

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Durham – Jodi Gorham and Meghan Crandall

Peterborough - Emily Pecena

Professional Years Orientation Committee

Durham – Chantelle Crittenden

Peterborough – Marisa Tonus

6- OASW Annual Student Membership Award - Joshua Fink

Released December 13, 2016.  Each year the OASW presents the OASW Annual Student Membership Award (ASMA), to a student in each of Ontario's schools of social work. The aim is to encourage student engagement and involvement with the profession and with OASW. Congratulations is re extended to Joshua Fink who was recently selected within Trent University’s School of Social Work to receive the 2016 Annual Student Membership Award of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW). The award includes a free, one-year membership for Victoria in OASW.  As a winning recipient among the schools of social work across the province, Joshua's name will be announced in the OASW E-Bulletin, as well as published on the Association’s website.

7- Job Postings

a) The Department of Social Work occasionally has instructional positions open. In order to work for the Department, candidates must have a minimum of a MSW and preferrable have university teaching and field supervisor/instructional experience.  For current postings, please visit

 Current as of March 2017