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Sexual Violence Prevention and Support for Survivors

Sexual violence is an issue that impacts everyone. If you, or someone you know, have experienced sexual violence, there are supports available to you. The Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator is responsible for education around consent, empowerment, and raising awareness about sexual violence, as well as providing compassionate support and trauma-informed care.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual assault and are looking for health related care:

In Peterborough:

During office hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm): Phone or visit Health Services at 705-748-1481, Blackburn Hall 111, Trent University.

After hours: Go to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s emergency department and ask for the sexual assault on-call nurse, 1 Hospital Dr, Peterborough. For more information and a Public Servie Announcement about sexual assault, please visit:

In Durham:

During office hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm): Phone the Durham campus counsellor, at 905-435-5102 x5024.

After hours: Phone the Durham Region Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Care Centre (Lakeridge Health) 905-576-8711 or visit the Lakeridge Health emergency department, 1 Hospital Court, Oshawa

The Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator provides the following support:

Personal support :

Have you experienced sexual violence? Whether it was recent or in the past, you have a place here at Trent to be heard and supported.

You will receive confidential, and compassionate support. We can work on alleviating distress, talk about coping skills, and enhance your overall wellness. Learn about your options for on and off-campus resources, and support to access them.

You can make an appointment via email ( or by phone (x7792).

Organizational support:

Do you have a student group on campus? Would you like to have a discussion on topics related to sexual violence and/or consent?

The Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator can attend your meeting or create a workshop just for your group. Host a facilitated discussion, learn a skill like how to support a friend in need, or have an information session.

Educational support:

Do you want to learn about self-care, self-determination, and empowerment?

Workshops will be facilitated throughout the year. To join a mailing list for upcoming events and workshops, contact

If you have another idea or need within your group, or a suggestion of something you would like to see, drop me a line.

All services are free to Trent students.

Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator- Robyn Ocean

In person- Trent Campus, Lady Eaton College, Suite N130

By phone- 705-748-1011 x 7792

By email-

Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre

Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting those affected by sexual violence.  At the Centre in Peterborough, they offer individual counselling, group counselling and workshops, peer supports, public education and professional training.

The Crisis Support Line is a confidential service available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Unconditional and nonjudgmental support and information is available to individuals of both recent and historical sexual assault, as well as other forms of sexual violence. Give them a call at: 1-866-298-7778.


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A Statement from Leo Groarke, President & Vice-Chancellor

Trent University is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment, in which all members of the Trent community are treated with respect and dignity. We strive for an environment free from all harassment and violence, but recognize that sexual assault is a serious problem in society, and that Trent’s campuses are not immune.

Recent media reports have brought attention the issue of sexual assault at universities. Trent University has a number of policies and resources that address sexual assault involving any member of the Trent community. At Trent, we focus on working supportively with anyone who has reported being sexually assaulted by providing both immediate and longer-term resources and by empowering them to choose the course of action that best suits them.

As an educational institution, Trent is seeking to inform our community about this important subject. To provide more information, resources and encourage a better understanding of sexual assault, how it can be prevented and how victims can safely report, the University has developed this website on sexual assault. Anyone who has concerns about sexual assault may access support through any of the contacts listed on the website to confidentially discuss their concerns.

Trent will continue to send a strong message that sexual violence, assault and harassment are unacceptable, and we will all strive to ensure a safe and fulfilling learning and working environment for our students, faculty and staff.


Leo Groarke, PhD
President & Vice-Chancellor