Special Resolution IV.9

Guidelines for Open Meetings of the Board of Governors

Location of Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Governors are held in the A.J.M. Smith Room, Bata Library. Despite some limitations, this room has been found to be the only university facility that allows the Board to function effectively.


Observers are welcome to attend open session meetings of the Board. Seating for observers is limited by the fire code and observers are admitted on a first come, first served basis.

Observers may not address or participate in the meeting (except as provided under heading "Addressing the Board"). Observers are expected to behave with decorum and not to disturb the conduct of the meeting.

Cameras and other Recording Devices

Audio-recording, videotaping and filming open sessions of the Board of Governors is allowed provided those wishing to do so get in touch in advance with the University's Director of Marketing & Communications who will make appropriate arrangements consonant with the effective conduct of the meeting.

Communication with, and Material for, the Board

The Board welcomes input from the Trent community and the public. Those wishing to communicate with the Board are invited to do so in writing c/o the Board Secretary who forwards material to the Board. Documents longer than two pages should be provided in quantity (27 copies). Between meetings, material for the Board is accumulated and mailed once a week. Material sent by email will be forwarded to Board members as it is received. Material to be distributed at a meeting of the Board should be received by the Secretary 48 hours before the meeting.

Addressing the Board

Members of the public and the University community may request an opportunity to address an item on the agenda of an open Board meeting. Such requests, in writing, should reach the Secretary of the Board not later than 48 hours before the meeting. The Chair of the Board will determine which speakers it will be possible to recognize at an open meeting and will determine the length of time allotted for presentations. Those wishing to address the Board will be notified of the Chair's decision before the meeting. An observer who is recognized to speak will present views on an agenda item.

Disruption of a Meeting

Anyone who interrupts or disrupts a meeting of the Board of Governors will be asked to desist. If the disruptive activity continues, the meeting will be adjourned and the Executive Committee of the Board will reconvene as soon as possible in another location to carry out necessary business. Individuals who disrupt a meeting of the Board will not be admitted to the gallery at future open meetings.


Matters come to the Board only through its committees, members and the administration of the University.

For further information please contact:

Karen Spearing
University Secretary
Riverside Offices, Bata Library

Approved by the Board of Governors:  March 22, 2002 

Contact information updated: October 6, 2016

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