Special Resolution I.3

Nominating & Governance Committee Terms of Reference

The Nominating and Governance Committee will:
• monitor the Board's governance practices, structures, by laws, regulations and performance and report, with recommendations if indicated, to the Board annually in this regard
• monitor the membership needs of the Board and solicit, receive and review names of potential members of the Board
• nominate individuals for election and reappointment to the Board
• recommend committee assignments, committee chairs and member assignments to other University committees
• monitor and evaluate the contributions and leadership potential of individual Board members to assist the Chair of the Board who shall be responsible for ensuring implementation of member development
• recommend individuals for honorary membership
• initiate and monitor orientation, development and recognition programs
• initiate and manage processes for Board Chair and Board Vice-Chair succession and make recommendations to the Board in this regard

- maintain a watching brief on evolving best practices in governance and review the governance practices of the University every five years

• The Chair of the Board (ex officio)
• The President (ex officio)
• such other members of the Board as the Board considers appropriate, one of whom will chair the committee
• such other members as the Board considers appropriate, who are not members of the Board

Members of the Board will form a majority of members of the Committee

Approved by the Board of Governors:   March 22, 2002

Amended: March 28, 2008

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