Science Lab Safety Training

Training is an important part of the Science Safety Program. Your lab safety training record» (downloads the form) defines the training in specific hazard areas that you require.  It is impossible to create a single training program for everyone (nobody would ever be able to know it all or need to know it all) so we have several general and speciallized programs that, in addition to some of the information in the Useful documents section», will provide basic training for common lab hazards and materials.  Job specific training for specific hazards needs to be provided by the supervisor to lab personnel and recorded on the lab safety training record.

In an effort to ensure that these courses are available to as many as possible without the scheduling conflicts inherent in class room teaching, we have created several courses which are available through the university's online learning system  Blackboard. In addition,  there are several quizzes available for some of the guidelines and documents.  

If your supervisor has determined that you need to take training in any of these areas as per the lab safetry training record then you will need to take the take and pass the quiz as verification.  This includes those documents and guidelines which need to be reviewed ( as opposed to the online courses.

To access the following courses follow the directions at the bottom of this page.»

The following courses and quizzes are available in Blackboard under the Science Safety Intranet Course:

The Science Safety Program Core Principles overview

Lab Safety Orientation (interactive course with embedded quiz)

Safe Use of Fumehoods (review document with quiz)

Working Safely with Lasers (review document)

Working with Compressed Gas Cylinders (review documents)


The following quizzes are available:

Chemical Use, Storage, Spills and Waste quiz

Physical Hazards in a Lab  quiz

Radiation Safety Level 1 and 2 Quizzes

X Ray Quiz

Biosafety Level 1 and 2  Quizzes

Successful completion of the quiz should generate a certificate which you can then use as verfication of having completed the training. You should keep a copy and give one to your supervisor for their records.

Directions for AccessingScience Safety Courses and Quizzes on Blackboard

1.  login to your MYTRENT account. (

2. On your MYTRENT homepage, click on LearningSystem

3.  At the main Blackboard page, click on Courses in the upper right hand corner under your name.

4.  In the Course Search box type "Science Safety" and click Go

5.  In the Course Catalog hover your cursor over "Science-Safety Intranet"  and click on the down arrow.

6.  Select enroll.

7.  Enroll in the Course and click Submit to proceed

8.  A message should come up to say that you have successfully enrolled and to click OK .  The OK button is located in the lower right corner of the window.

Proceed to select the module and quiz you wish to take.

If you have problems with Blackboard contact the Help Desk at IT.  If a certificate is not generated once you succesfully complete the quiz contact the Science Facilities Manager.