Physical, Electrical, UV and Magnetic Hazards in Labs

There are a range of hazards in labs which are classified as Physical Hazards. They include, but are not limited to, lab organization, electrial hazards, UV Light exposure, strong magnetic fields and moving parts hazards.  Click on the links below to get more information on these hazards in labs.

»Physical Hazards (downloads a .pdf)

»Electrical Safety Checklist (downloads an MS Word Checklist)

»UV Light  CCOHS infosheet (browses to the CCOHS web page)

»UV Light Ontario Ministry of Labour (browses to the OMOL website)

»Strong Magnetic Fields Video (youtube video of superconducting electro magnet).

»Strong Magnetic Guidelines (downloads a MS Word file adapted from Columbia University)

»Machine Guarding (browses to the OMOL website on Machine Guarding)

»Machine Guarding (browses to the WSPS webpage on Machine Guarding)