Overview of the Science Safety Program

The Science Safety Programs an iintegrated program which incorporates the Internal Responsibility system by defining  the Roles and Responsibilities of individuals, supervisors and the university, addresses training requirements and resources,  assists in communication, provide document templates and guidelines, describes tools for hazard identification and sssessment,  discusses hazard control, provides for inspections and audits which allows for reviews of the effectiveness of the Program.

The Science Safety Advisory Committee is made up of Staff, Faculty and Research Assistants reviews the Science Safety Program on a regular basis.

Everyone who works in the Sciences needs to view the following overview and be familiar with its concepts.

View the »Science Safety Program Overview Presentation

»Download the Science Safety Program Core Principles document

»Next Steps»(flow chart of what to do next)

»Training (webpage with training listing and how to do it in Blackboard and online)

»Useful Documents and Link  (webpage with usefull documents and links)

»Chemical Safety in a Lab (webpage with Chemical Safety information)

»Physical Hazards in a Lab (webpage with Physical Hazards information)

»Compresssed Gases and Cryogenic Liquids (webpage with compressed gas and Cryogenic liquid safety information)

»Radiation Safety, X Rays and Lasers (Contains information on the requirements for using radioactive materials or devices which contain radioactive material, produce X rays  and lasers).

»Biohazardous Material and Biosafety (Contains information on the requirements for working with Biohazardous material with links to Federal Guidelines and Standards and Regulations)