Science Facilities

We are your Science Facilities group and it is our responsibility to ensure that science related services and building operations are working properly so that you  can do your work (teaching and research) appropriately and to the highest quality possible.  In addition we are a resource to help you in planning renovations or alterations to labs, purchasing and installing equipment in your labs, maintaining lab specific services, and ensuring that repairs and maintenance on university services are performed as necessary.  Please choose an item in the menu on the left for additional information on that subject.

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In the event of an emergency or after hours call:

Trent Campus Security Emergency Number
(705) 748-1333

Locked Yourself Out?

Forgot your keys or door to classroom locked (in Sciences), call Angela Sikma (ext 6253) or Chris Williams (7061) first.  If you cannot reach them contact Campus Security at their non-emergency number ext. 1328 (during normal business hours).

After Hours Access to Buildings without your Card?

After-hours access without your access card is not guaranteed.  You may be required to produce identification or some verification/authorization that you are authorized for spaces for after-hours access.  Contact Campus Security at ext. 1328.