Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a tool that is designed to assist you with building class schedule options based on your selection of courses and related activities such as seminars, workshops, labs, etc from the academic timetable.

Once the timetable is available, you may enter courses from it into VSB. VSB will allow you to see all possible conflict-free timetables containing the combination of courses you selected and will display them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule. Please note that VSB does NOT register you in your courses.

VSB allows you to:

  • Build scheduling restrictions such as other weekly commitments into your potential schedules (ie. part-time job, training schedule, etc);
  • Individually pin down classes that are at times that you are happy with in order to rearrange other classes around them;
  • Press the Send Classes to myTrent button to send your selected timetable sections to express registration – this is not available until registration is open.

Before you begin selecting courses please ensure that you have consulted the Academic Calendar for essential information on your program of study and university and program requirements. Please consult with an Academic Advisor if you require assistance choosing your courses.

Note that Visual Schedule Builder does not check to make sure that you are eligible to take the courses that you are selecting. You must ensure that you meet the requirements to take each course such as prerequisites and other course restrictions.