Academic Scheduling - FAQ

Q. When will the exam schedule be posted?

Exam Schedules are posted on the following timelines:

      • December Exams - Early October (Friday before fall reading break)
      • April Exams - Mid February (Friday before winter reading break)
      • Summer Exams - Early June

Q. When will the course timetable be posted?

Academic Timetables are posted on the following timelines:

      • Fall/Winter Courses - Second week of May (before Victoria Day weekend)
      • Summer Courses - First week in March

Q. What do the classroom abbreviations mean? (ex. BL 401, SC 137)

BL - Bata Library

CC - Champlain College

CSB   - Chemical Sciences Building

DNA - DNA/LHS Building

ESC - Environmental Sciences Building

ECC - Lady Eaton College

GCS - Gzowski College

FPHL - First Peoples House of Learning

OCA - Otonabee College

SC - Science Complex

TSC - Trent Student Centre

CH - Crawford House (Traill)

FL - Fry Lodge (Traill)

SH - Scott House (Traill)

WH - Wallis Hall (Traill)

Q. What does the course section information mean?

This course section - BIOL-1020H-A-F01 - consists of four parts:

        • Department abbreviation (BIOL)
        • Four digit course code (1020)
        • Credit value (H)
        • Section identifier (A-F01)

If there are multiple sections of this course, subsequent sections would be numbered A-F02, A-F03, etc. Each course section may share the same lecture time, whereas seminar times may be different. Students can choose their course section when registering.

Q. What do the Course and Department abbreviations stand for?

AHCL - Ancient History and Classics

ANTH - Anthropology

BIOL - Biology

ADMN - Business Administration

CAST - Canadian Studies

CHEM - Chemistry

COIS - Computing and information Systems

CUST - Cultural Studies

ECON - Economics

EDEM - Emphasis in Teacher Education

ENGL - English
ERSC - Environmental and Resource Science

ERST - Environmental and Resource Studies

FRSC - Forensic Science

GEOG - Geography

HIST - History

INDG - Indigenous Studies

IDST - International Development Studies

MATH - Mathematics

MLAL - Modern Languages and Literature

NURS - Nursing

PHIL - Philosophy

POST - Political Studies

PSYC - Psychology

QTCE - Queen's Trent Concurrent Education

SWRK - Social Work

SOCI - Sociology

SAFS - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

WMST - Gender and Women's Studies


Q. What do the credit value suffixes mean after the course code?

    • A course number with a "Y" suffix indicates that course is worth 1 credit.
    • A course number with an “H” suffix indicates that the course is worth 0.5 credits.
    • A course number with a “D” suffix indicates that the course is worth 2.0 credits.
    • A course number with a “C” suffix indicates that the course is worth 1.5 credits

Q.  What does the suffix mean at the end of the course term?

    • FA indicates a course is offered in Fall (September to December)
    • WI indicates a course is offered in Winter (January to April)
    • FW indicates a course is offered throughout both sessions (September to April)
    • *For summer term information click here.


Q. What do the delivery type abbreviations mean?

The delivery types are as follows:

CON - Conversation Hour
FLD - Field Course
LAB - Laboratory
LEC - Lecture
MOD - Module
RED - Reading Course
SEM - Seminar
THS - Thesis Course
WEB - Web-based Course
WRK - Workshop

Q. What does it mean when a section is 'Closed'?

This can mean different things depending on the time of year:

Before the final date to add or change: the status of 'Closed' indicates that the section has reached capacity and is now full. Please ensure you check other sections of the course as it doesn't necessarily mean that all sections are full.

After the final date to add or change: the status of 'Closed' indicates that the registration period is closed and you can no longer register in the course

Q. What does it mean when a course has a waitlist?

Waitlists are only placed on courses that have a formal enrolment limit, usually for reasons of pedagogy. If you are interested in taking the course, you can add yourself to the waitlist and the system will inform you if a space opens up for you to register.

Q. There are two rooms assigned to the lecture, which one to do I go to?

When there are two rooms assigned to a lecture, that means that the enrolment of the course is too high for all students to fit in one lecture hall, and the lecture will be streamed from the larger room to the overflow - in most cases it is Wenjack (OCA W101.2) to another room. The best option would be to go to the larger room first, to see if there is space

Q. What does fortnightly mean?

This refers to classes or seminars that run every other week, meaning that some weeks the seminars are not running.