2017-18 Fall/Winter Registration

Priority Registration Schedule

Registration Dates:

2017S61 & S12: Registration is now closed

2017S62: Final date to register is June 19, 2017


2017-18 Fall/Winter Courses:


Credits Completed: Registration Opens at 7AM:
16 or more completed credits as of June 12, 2017 June 12, 2017
15 or more completed credits June 13, 2017
14 or more completed credits June 14, 2017
13 or more completed credits June 14, 2017
12 or more completed credits June 15, 2017     
11 or more completed credits June 15, 2017
10 or more completed credits June 16, 2017     

9 or more completed credits

June 19, 2017
8 or more completed credits June 19, 2017
7 or more completed credits June 20, 2017
6 or more completed credits June 20, 2017
5 or more completed credits June 21, 2017

1 or more completed credits as of June 12, 2017

June 22, 2017

New Students/all others

June 23, 2017


During priority registration, you may register in courses in your major(s) for which you have prerequisites and in any courses for which you have prerequisites and which do not have limited enrollment.



     Approved Limited Enrolment Courses - 2017-2018

Selecting & Registering for Courses

Attention New Students!

Check out the Academic Advising page for instructions and

tips for how to register!!’

To start your course selection for registration, review the Academic Calendar for information on your program and degree requirements.

A list of the courses, course descriptions, and times offered can be found on the Academic Timetable. It is important to note that not all courses are offered each year; if the course is not listed on the timetable page, it is not being offered.

During the Fall/Winter term your individual timetable can be created using Visual Schedule Builder (VSB). This tool is not available for the Summer term as there are not as many classes being offered.

Registration for all terms is done through your myTrent Portal. Once logged in, go to Academics > Course Registration > Search and Register for Courses. For more detailed instructions on how to register, please reference the Step-by-step registration instructions using search and register.

The Academic Advising site also houses additional videos and resources to help students select and register for their courses.

Waitlisted Courses

Any course that is listed in the list of approved limited enrolment courses, will have a waitlist once the enrolment limit is reached. If you add yourself to waitlist for a course, as space becomes available, the first waitlisted student will receive an email offer of a space and will have a 72 hour (3 day) window in which registration is enabled via myTrent.

The email to offer space is sent to TRENT email accounts ONLY. Be certain to check your email often if you are waitlisted for a course. If you are offered space and do not enrol by the deadline, the space will be offered to the next waiting student and you will be removed from the waitlist. Your email offer of space will include instructions on how to register.

You may view your waitlist standing online, using the “Academics” > “Registration” > “Manage Course Waitlists”. Your waitlist status will either be:

      • A numerical ranking of your position on the waitlist ( ex: 3/14)
      • “Permission to Register” when space has been offered.

Course Overload

Full-time students with an Academic Status of Good Standing may overload in 0.5 credits in each of the Fall or Winter terms. Students may register in overload using the myTrent system and will not be required to submit a Course Overload Request Form.

Any student who wishes to overload in more than 0.5 credits in the Fall or Winter terms, or who does not have an Academic Status of Good Standing, must petition to the Committee on Undergraduate Petitions

Prerequisite Waiver Requests

Any student who would like to request to take a course without first completing the published prerequisites can do so using the Prerequisite Waiver form in the myTrent portal. The request form can be found under the Academics tab in the Forms subfolder.

Before using the form, students must first add the course to their "preferred sections" using the Search and Register function.

Confirmation of the request will be emailed to the Trent email account. The department offering the course will review the request and either approve, deny, or request further information or documentation. Students will be notified by email when a prerequisite waiver request has been approved or denied.

If a request is approved, the student will be instructed to register in the course. Please note that this does not guarantee a space in a course, and cannot be used to register in courses that are full or in conflict.


2017-18 Fall/Winter Registration Deadlines

The Academic Timetable will be posted the second week of May and registration for 2017-2018 Fall/Winter classes will open the second week of June 2017.

For a more comprehensive list of dates for the full Academic Year, please visit the Academic Dates & Deadlines page.



2017 Fall

2017 Fall-Winter

2018 Winter

Classes Start
September 7

Fall: September 7

Winter: January 8

January 8

Final date to add courses

September 21

September 21


January 22

Final date to drop without academic penalty**

November 7

February 8

March 9

Reading Break

October 23-27

Holiday Break:
December 22 to January 2

February 19-23

Classes End

December 6

Fall: December 6
Winter: April 6

April 6

Exam Period

December 8-21


December 8-21


April 9 -22

April 9-22


** You will not be permitted to drop courses after this date. You will remain registered and will receive a final grade. 

Information on refunds for dropped courses/complete withdrawals can be found at: