• Supplier Data Sheet
  • Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  • Addendum A
  • Active Tenders
    Trent University posts Tenders,  Request for Quotes and Request for Proposals valued at $100,000 and over on the MERX electronic bidding service.  Suppliers interested in reviewing open tender opportunities may do so by following the link below.  Use the  search word “TRENT” to see a  brief summary of all current bid opportunities posted by Trent University.  NOTE:  There are fees associated with this service.  Suppliers may see an overview of the opportunity at no charge.  To obtain complete bid documents the Supplier may either pay by credit card or opt to subscribe to MERX.  The University routinely distributes Question and Answers Documents and all amendments through MERX.
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  • Bidder Debriefing
  • Bid Dispute Procedure