Grand & Toy Office Supplies Contract FAQ

What are the benefits of the Grand & Toy Contract?

- Special contract pricing on over 1200 items from Grand & Toy’s catalogue;
- Easy online ordering with 48 hour delivery (24 hour emergency service);
- Online order tracking and order history;
- Dedicated customer service team with live online chat support;
- Streamlined payment process;
- No minimum order quantities.

What do we order from Grand & Toy?

Grand & Toy is Trent University’s contracted supplier for Office Supplies. Trent staff members are unable to purchase furniture or computer peripherals using their Trent University ordering account.

Where do I place orders?

Orders are placed on the Grand & Toy retail website End-users sign on with a unique Trent University login ID assigned by the purchasing office. Your unique Trent ID will connect you with Trent University contract pricing and your internal Trent general ledger account code.

How do I place orders?

Using the Grand and Toy website you search their catalogue, add items to your shopping basket and checkout using your Trent login ID. You’ll receive an order confirmation from Grand & Toy customer service and order will be delivered within 48 hours.

For a detailed guide to using the Grand & Toy website please check out the Grand & Toy Quick Start Ordering Guide.

How do I apply for a Trent login ID?

To apply for a Trent University login ID you have to complete a Grand & Toy Ordering Account Application form, and submit it to the Purchasing Department.

How do I add more General Ledger accounts to my Trent ID?

If you already have a login ID you can add additional accounts by emailing Please note that if you are the primary account holder you may send the request directly.

I received/ordered the incorrect product, how do I return it?

Users must process a Return Authorization with Grand & Toy customer service (866-391-8111) or by using the ‘Returns’ tab at your Grand & Toy website account menu.

Items that are being returned must be boxed and placed at the same location where your orders are delivered.

I’m ready to place my order but it is less than the $50.00 minimum order amount. Will I be charged the additional $5.00 handling fee?

No you will not be charged the additional $5.00 handling fee. The message that appears at checkout when your order is below the $50.00 minimum is hardcoded into the Grand & Toy system and can not be removed.

How do I pay my Grand & Toy invoice?

Individual account holders will not receive individual invoices. Grand & Toy issues one invoice to the purchasing department which is paid monthly.

If I don’t receive an invoice how do I track my orders?

Order deliveries can be tracked on the Grand & Toy website by selecting the ‘Tracking/Returns’ tag. Information about past orders can be found by selecting the ‘Order Status’ tag.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

For questions about the Grand & Toy website or products please contact Grand & Toy customer service:; or call: 866-391-8111. If you’re logged in to the Grand and Toy website you click on the ‘Customer Care’ tag from the account menu.

For questions about your login ID or you Trent accounts please contact Chris McWilliam:; 705-748-1011 Ext. 7216.