Academic Excellence & Expertise

Trent prides itself on attracting exceptional talent to its teaching ranks, and given the personable atmosphere and manageable size of our programs, we can emphasize strong student-professor interaction.

A brief overview of the Psychology department’s faculty and their respective areas of specialization is listed below.

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  • Ben Bauer visual cognition, attention, psychophysics
  • Liana Brown cognitive neuroscience, sensorimotor control
  • Michael Chan-Reynolds utilizing information, reading, attention
  • Rory Coughlan health services, power, social justice, bullying
  • Teresa DeCicco personality, health, consciousness, identity
  • Neil Fournier neurobiology of disease, mental health
  • Terry Humphreys human sexuality, consent, virginity, Internet
  • Nancie Im-Bolter language, cognition and social cognition; atypical development and child psychopathology, learning disabilities and special education
  • Deborah Kennett resourcefulness, coping, goals, health outcomes
  • Kateryna Keefer emotions and wellbeing, psychometrics
  • Leslie Kerr psychosocial influence on illness / disease
  • Hugo Lehmann neurobiology, brain, memory, emotion
  • Mowei Lui social development, culture, peers, parents
  • Geoff Navara  psychology of evil, psychology and media, intimate relationships, health, cultural/cross-cultural psychology and psychology of religion
  • Elizabeth Nisbet environmental personality, mental health (happiness), sustainable behaviour
  • Fergal O'Hagan MSc (McMaster), PhD (Toronto) rehabilitation and health psychology
  • James Parker emotion, emotional competency, mental health
  • Kevin Peters ethics of enhancement, aging and dementia
  • Elizabeth Russell rural and small town aging, applied community health psychology
  • Elaine Scharfe adult attachment, relationships, health
  • Brenda Smith-Chant child cognition, math and literacy skills
  • Laura Summerfeldt personality, psychopathology, anxiety, emotion regulation

Adjunct Faculty

  • Alba Agostino, BA, MA, PhD (York), mathematical reasoning, cognitive processes
  • James Allen, BA (Wilfrid Laurier), MSc, PhD (Victoria), Culture and development; Narrative, storytelling and identity; Research with Indigenous communities
  • Jared Allen MA, PhD (Ryerson), Bayesian methods: social, forensic, decision-making, big data, prediction
  • Jennifer Eastabrook, BSc, MSc (Trent), PhD (Queen's), adolescent transition, emotion regulation, socioemotional functioning
  • Alexandra M. Hernandez, BSc (Queen's), MA (Toronto), PhD (Western), optimizing dementia programming in institutional settings
  • C. T. Smith (Emeritus), B.Sc. (Manitoba), MA, PhD (Waterloo), relationship between sleep and memory
  • Beth Visser, (MA, PhD (Brock), personality and individual differences