Introduction to Psychology First Year Half Credit Online Courses


Course Instructor: TBA

Teaching Assistant: TBA

The first year Psychology half courses are best described as survey courses of the major areas of psychology:

- PSYC 1020H covers the history, cognitive, methodological, and physiological aspects of psychology

- PSYC 1030H covers the developmental, health, personality, and social aspects of psychology.

The online sections of the two half courses cover the same material as the on campus courses, but the format is slightly different.

It is highly recommended that students have high speed dial up or cable internet service to access and download very large (+30 MB) audio (mp3) and course materials. It is important that students have some computer proficiency (web browsing, downloading material, file management, etc.) and an up-to-date PC with sufficient hard drive space to download required materials. Transcripts of the mp3s as well as mp3 files of the lectures will be available for you to use as an additional learning tool.

Evaluation consists of written assignments, participation in on-line discussions, quizzes, exams, and completion of other items (e.g., simulations, examples of questionnaires). All of your work is completed and submitted online using Blackboard (, with the exception of the final exam which is written on campus ("face-to-face" live final) ( or at a proctored site if you are more than 200 kilometers from either campus).

For details on course delivery please refer to the syllabus link at right.

Please note WebCourse sections are designated

as section "W".

Please register for the section "W" course via myAcademicRecord:


PSYC 1030H-W Introductory Psychology Part II - no prerequisite


PSYC 1020H-W Introductory Psychology Part I - no prerequisite


The instructor will contact registered students by email during the first week of term to provide information for accessing the online materials.

PLEASE NOTE that you will be unable to access any online materials until the first week of classes.