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Peterborough Course Offerings 2017FA / FW Term Course Title Instructor
PSYC-3015Y-A 2017FW Advanced Stats & Research Design  Chan-Reynolds
PSYC-4020D-A 2017FW Honours Thesis Double Credit  
PSYC-1020H-A / 1020H-B /1020H-C 2017FA Intro to Psychology I  Keefer
PSYC-1030H-W 2017FA Web Intro to Psychology II  DeCicco
PSYC-2018H-A 2017FA Critical Thinking / Research Methods  Peters
PSYC-2200H-A 2017FA Brain and Behaviour  Fournier
PSYC-2210H-A 2017FA Brain and Body in Action  Brown
PSYC-2300H-A 2017FA Intro Abnormal Psychology  Cecchetto
PSYC-2300H-B 2017FA Intro Abnormal Psychology  Cecchetto
PSYC-2310H-A 2017FA Intro Personality Theory  Mormul
PSYC-2400H-A 2017FA Intro Cognitive Psychology  Smith-Chant
PSYC-2400H-B 2017FA Intro Cognitive Psychology  Smith-Chant
PSYC-2500H-A 2017FA Child Development  Navara
PSYC-2500H-W 2017FA Web Child Development  Kloosterman
PSYC-2600H-A 2017FA Introduction to Learning  Lehmann
PSYC-2700H-A 2017FA Intro Social Psychology  Allen
PSYC-2700H-B 2017FA Intro Social Psychology  Allen
PSYC-3230H-A 2017FA Sleep & Arousal  Nader
PSYC-3240H-A 2017FA Drugs & Behaviour  Fournier
PSYC-3300H-A 2017FA Adv Abnormal Psychology  Keiski
PSYC-3420H-A 2017FA Motivation and Emotion  Nisbet
PSYC-3460H-A 2017FA Sensation & Perception  Nader
PSYC-3510H-A 2017FA Development Adolescents  Liu
PSYC-3530H-A 2017FA Atypical Development  Liu
PSYC-3550H-A 2017FA Adult Development  Russell
PSYC-3560H-A 2017FA Family Development  Navara
PSYC-3560H-W 2017FA Web Family Development  Rapley
PSYC-3590H-A 2017FA Psychology of Education  Kelly
PSYC-3730H-A 2017FA Intimate Relationships  Humphreys
PSYC-3750H-A 2017FA Health Psychology  Stainton
PSYC-3770H-A 2017FA Environmental Psychology  Nisbet
PSYC-3780H-W 2017FA Web Dreams & Dreaming  DeCicco
PSYC-4120H-A 2017FA Qualitative Res & Analysis  Russell
PSYC-4170H-A 2017FA History of Psychology  Cecchetto
PSYC-4580H-A 2017FA Dev Psychopathology / School  Ian Brown
PSYC-4740H-A 2017FA Models of Self Control  O'Hagan
PSYC-4760H-A 2017FA Social Dimensions of Sexuality  Humphreys
Peterborough Course Offerings 2018WI Term Course Title Instructor
PSYC-1020H-W 2018WI Web Intro to Psychology I  DeCicco
PSYC-1030H-A / 1030H-B /1030H-C 2018WI Introduction to Psychology II  Parker
PSYC-2019H-A 2018WI Basic Research Methods and Stats  Peters
PSYC-2200H-A 2018WI Brain & Behaviour  Nader
PSYC-2300H-A 2018WI Intro Abnormal Psychology  Keefer
PSYC-2310H-A 2018WI Intro Personality Theory  Russell
PSYC-2400H-A 2018WI Intro Cognitive Psychology  Chan-Reynolds
PSYC-2500H-A 2018WI Child Development  Navara
PSYC-2500H-W 2018WI Web Child Development  Kloosterman
PSYC-2600H-A 2018WI Introduction to Learning  Lehmann
PSYC-2600H-B 2018WI Introduction to Learning  Cecchetto
PSYC-2700H-A 2018WI Intro Social Psychology  Keefer
PSYC-3220H-A 2018WI Neuropsychology  Keiski
PSYC-3230H-A 2018WI Sleep & Arousal  Karam
PSYC-3300H-A 2018WI Adv Abnormal Psychology  Summerfeldt
PSYC-3420H-A 2018WI Motivation and Emotion  Bond
PSYC-3430H-A 2018WI Memory  Keiski
PSYC-3460H-A 2018WI Sensation and Perception  Nader
PSYC-3510H-A 2018WI Dev Adolescents Young Adults  Liu
PSYC-3560H-W 2018 WI Web Family Development  Rapley
PSYC-3590H-A 2018WI Psychology of Education  Allen
PSYC-3610H-A 2018WI Behaviour Modification  Jorgensen
PSYC-3730H-A 2018WI Intimate Relationships  Humphreys
PSYC-3740H-A 2018WI Psychology of Gender  Allen
PSYC-3750H-A 2018WI Health Psychology  Russell
PSYC-3760H-A 2018WI Human Sexuality  Humphreys
PSYC-4170H-W 2018WI Web History of Psychology  DeCicco
PSYC-4225H-A 2018WI Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience  Brown
PSYC-4310H-A 2018WI Psychopathology  Summerfeldt
PSYC-4530H-A 2018WI Cross Cultural Human Development  Liu
PSYC-4560H-A 2018WI Relationships & Health  Scharfe
PSYC-4590H-A 2018WI Cognition and Instruction  Smith-Chant
PSYC-4720H-A 2018WI Psychology of Evil  Navara
PSYC/BIOL-4840H-A 2018WI Neuroendocinology  see BIOL


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