James Parker


Canada Research Chair in Emotion and Health

B.A. (Simon Fraser University)

M.A., Ph.D. (York University)

Office: LHS DNA C249
Phone: 705-748-1011 ext. tba   
Email: jparker@trentu.ca
Webpage: http://www.trentu.ca/academic/psychology/jparker/



Research interests:

I have been involved in a number of research projects on personality and affect regulation. During the past 2 decades research from a variety of fields has generated growing interest in the development of affect regulation and in the consequences for personality development, psychopathology and wellness when there are deficits in these abilities. I am particularly interested in studying the relationship between constructs like alexithymia and emotional intelligence and various outcome variables (particularly academic achievement, leadership, and various mental and physical health problems). Another longstanding research interest involves work on psychometric tools for assessing constructs like alexithymia and emotional intelligence.  



PSYC 2300H-A FA PTBO: Introductory Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3110H-A FA PTBO: Basic Psychometrics

PSYC 2300H-A WI PTBO: Introductory Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 2310H-A WI PTBO: Introduction to Personality Theory


Selected publications:


Kloosterman, P. H., Kelley, E., Craig, W. M., Parker, J. A., & Javier, C. (2013). Types and experiences of bullying in adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7, 824-832.


Kristensen, H. A., Parker, J. D. A., Taylor, R. N., Keefer, K. V., Kloosterman, P. H., & Summerfeldt, L. J. (2014). The relationship between trait emotional intelligence and ADHD symptoms in adolescents and young adults. Personality and Individual Differences, 65, 36-41.


Parker, J. D. A., Summerfeldt, L. J., Taylor, R. N., Kloosterman, P. H., & Keefer, K. V. (2013). Problem gambling, gaming and internet use in adolescents: Relationships with emotional intelligence in clinical and special needs samples. Personality and Individual Differences, 55, 288-293.


Parker, J. D. A., Summerfeldt, L. J., Kloosterman, P. H., Keefer, K. V., & Taylor, R. N.  (2013). Gambling behaviour in adolescents with learning disorders. Journal of Gambling Studies, 29, 231-239.


Stough, C., Saklofske, D. H., & Parker, J. D. A. (2009). Assessing emotional intelligence: Theory, research and applications.  New York: Springer.