Research Area

Teresa DeCicco Personality, Abnormal Psychology and Health
Terry Humphreys Sexual Communications, Consent, Behaviour

Deborah Kennett

Health Promotion

James Parker

Personality and Affect Regulation

Elaine Scharfe Attachment, Health, Transitions
Laura J. Summerfeldt Personality and Mental Health

Associate Professors


Ben Bauer Human Vision and Attention

Liana Brown

Perception and Motor Control

Michael Chan-Reynolds

Utilization of  Environment in everyday situations

Rory Coughlan

Health communication / prejudice and bullying

Nancie Im-Bolter

Language and Cognitive Functioning

Hugo Lehmann

Neurobiology of learning and memory

Mowei Liu Social Development from a Cultural Perspective
Geoff Navara Family Dynamics / Psychology of Religion
Elizabeth Nisbet Environmental personality, mental health (happiness), sustainable behaviour

Kevin Peters

Ethics of enhancement / aging and dementia

Brenda Smith-Chant

Cognitive Development and Acquisition of Skills


Assistant Professors


Jeff Adams


James Allen Social and Cognitive development; Culture and Human Development; Research with Indigenous Communities
Jared Allen Bayesian methods: social, forensic, decision-making, big data, prediction

Anne Archer

Education, Language and Cognition in Exceptional Children

Jennifer Eastabrook Adolescent development, emotional processing and regulation, internalizing symptoms
Neil Fournier Brain Plasticity: epilepsy; neurogenesis; mood disorders.
Kateryna Keefer Emotions and wellbeing, psychometrics
Fergal O'Hagan TBA
Elizabeth Russell Aging in small towns and rural communities, community health psychology, social capital theory, health policy.

Adjunct Faculty

Alba Agostino  

Will Ammons


Ian Brown

Beth Visser  

Professors Emeriti

Jocelyn Aubrey Sleep and Memory / Wayfinding Ability
Fraser Bleasdale Memory / Cognition and emotions

Carole Ernest

Spatial ability and cognition; Imagery ability; Sex differences.

Gary Reker

Lifespan / Aging

Carlyle Smith

Sleep / Dreams / Memory

Gordon Winocur


Paul Wong

Positive psychology, successful aging, the
psychology of meaning, cross-cultural psychology, and meaning-centered