Dr. Philip Giurlando

Assistant Professor

Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8

CC H21
Phone: (705) 748-1011 x7389
Fax: 748-1047


I completed my B.A. in Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University in 2007. At Queen's University (Kingston) I completed an M.A. in International Politics in 2008 and a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Politics in 2013. My research interests include European Politics, populism, the politics of emotion, and the politics of international hierarchies. I also published a book titled Eurozone Politics (2015), and a paperback version of the same was published in 2017.  I currently have two ongoing research projects. One explores how the emotional consequences of economic insecurity and financial crises impact national and international politics. Another is a paper that applies a neo Gramcian framework to the EU's inter-state hierarchy. Finally, I appear regularly in the media to discuss European political and financial issues. For fun, I read classical literature, do hip-hop dancing, and try to write poetry.



Giurlando, Philip (2015). Eurozone Politics: Perception and Reality in Italy, the UK, and Germany. New York: Routledge


Giurlando, Philip (2015). Italy and the Euro: Expectations versus Results. Mediterranean Quarterly 26(3): 29-48.


Course teaching:

POST 2230Y (WI only):World Politics

POST 3280H FA: Critical Security Studies

POST 3290H WI: Causes of War

POST 3430H FA: Latin American Politics

POST 4271H FA: History of Democracy

POST 4272H WI:Challenges for Democracy