Political Studies Faculty & Staff

Chair of Political Studies


Course Instructors

  • Aslan Amani ( POST 2351H & 2352H-Durham: Political Imagination I & II)
  • Wendy Hicks (POST 3030H/FA - Green Politics)
  • Brandon Tozzo (POST 3360H-FA: Qualitative Research & POST 3170H-WI: US Politics )

Administrative/Departmental Office Contact

Dana Gee

Champlain College H11

Phone: 705-748-1011, 1339

Send an e-mail to Dana

Adjunct Faculty

Associated Faculty

  • Canadian Studies: B. Palmer, S. Pasternak, J. Struthers
  • School of Environment: S. Bocking
  • School of Environment: D. Holdsworth
  • International Development Studies: C. Huxley
  • Indigenous Studies: M. Dockstator, D. Newhouse
  • Sociology: J. Conley, C. Huxley
  • Women's Studies: M. Hobbs


Professors Emeriti