Reading Courses

The reading course option (POST 3900Y/4900Y) is available to students who have a strong interest in investigating a topic in political studies in greater depth than is possible in existing courses. Please note that the reading course option requires that the student take the initiative to persuade a member of the faculty to supervise the course, bearing in mind that a clear rationale must be developed for going beyond or outside of existing course offerings.

Approval of reading courses: Students interested in registering in a reading course must first make arrangements with a faculty member to supervise the course. Click on this link to download the Reading Course Application Form.  Once this form has been filled out and a course outline established, you will then have to download the Reading Course form from the Dean's Office website and take it all to the Dean's Office for appproval. (This form will be available later in the summer.)
Once the student secures agreement in principle by the faculty member for a reading course, the student must prepare a formal 1-2 page written proposal and seek the approval of the faculty member. Once this is done, the proposal should be submitted to the Department for approval. The proposal should include: (1) a brief explanation of why the student wishes to pursue the reading course option; (2) an outline of the issues to be investigated; (3) a core bibliography of materials to be covered; and (4) a schedule of meetings and breakdown of the grades to be assigned for different components of the course. The Department will respond in a timely manner to formal proposals.

Students gain approval for the reading course option during the spring term at the time of early registration. Students wishing to register for a reading course (as well as an honours thesis or internship course) should pick up an application from the departmental office to be completed and returned for approval. In all cases, registration for these courses requires prior arrangement with the instructor(s). These arrangements should be completed before Spring registration.