Plan Your Degree

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The Department of Political Studies offers a B.A. degree as either a single major or as part of a joint major with another discipline. You may pursue either an Honours degree or a general degree, but we strongly recommend planning on the Honours degree.

Flexibility in putting together a single Politics major or a joint major is a part of our curricular design. The Politics Department provides for general study and for concentration in one or more fields: global politics, Canadian politics, and political theory. The fields, in turn, are connected through four overlapping thematic clusters--(1) institutions, law and policy; (2) political economy; (3) political culture and identity; and (4) alternative politics--allowing for a large variety of combinations for individual study. A student is able to take a variety of courses within the Department and other disciplines which range across the landscape of contemporary politics and related areas.

Please consult page 196 in the 2014-15 on-line Academic Calendar for course descriptions and POST Degree requirements; and page 10 for University degree requirements.  As well, onsult the on-line Academic Timetable for specific POST course offerings in 2014-15 and for times and locations.