Dr. Nadine Changfoot

Associate Professor

Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8

Phone: (705) 748-1011 x6005
Fax: (705)748-1047

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Nadine Changfoot completed her B.A. in Public Policy and Administration (York), M.A. in Public Administration (Carleton), and Ph.D. in Political Science (York). She has taught at York University and Duke University, and also been a Visiting Scholar at Women’s Studies and Political Science at Duke University and Political Science at University of California at Berkeley. Nadine has also worked as a policy analyst for the Ontario and Federal governments and management consultant for a private firm in Ottawa.

Nadine's teaching and research interests combine Canadian politics, political theory, and gender and women and politics. She teaches courses on topics of gender, women and politics, cultural production and political resistance, theories of justice, social justice, and public policy. Her research includes art and politics, community arts, arts-based and community based research on issues of disability and difference, and the (re)signification of Hegel's dialectic for feminist thought.


Courses teaching in 2015-16:


POST 3350H (Winter) – Politics of Creativity

POST-CAST 2012H (Winter) – Democratizing Canada: Contemporary Issues


Research Projects

Co-Principal Investigator. “Mobilizing New Meanings of Disability and Difference: Using Arts-Based Approaches to Advance Health Care Inclusion for Women with Disabilities.” Funded by CIHR, 2011-2014. Universities involved: Guelph, Laurentian, Trent. Peterborough Community Partner: YWCA Peterborough, Haliburton, Victoria.

This project is creating short 2-3 minute films (digital stories) that express the lives of and made by women living with disability and difference and healthcare providers. In 2013-2014, theatre will be created from the stories of women living with disabilities and difference and healthcare providers.

Check out our website (and watch some fantastic films):

Women Building Inclusion (WBI) started following from the October 2012 Digital Storytelling workshop in Peterborough. WBI is an advocacy group that raises awareness and represents the interests of persons living with disabilities in the city. Mary Ann Ansley and Andrea Dodsworth animate WBI with Joëlle Favreau of the YWCA Peterborough, Haliburton and Victoria and Nadine Changfoot as participants.

Recent WBI Events:

-April 4 meeting with MPP Jeff Leal in April to screen their Digital Stories (3-4 minute self-reflexive films) and raise awareness of the challenges for persons living with disabilities living in the city.

-A panel presentation for the Inclusion Conference 2013, (April 27) organized by the Peterborough Council for Persons With Disabilities


Left to right: Joëlle Favreau, Mary Ann Ansley, Andrea Dodsworth, Tamara Mann

Co-Investigator. “Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE).” Universities involved: Carleton and Trent. SSHRCC funded, 2012-2019.

This project is evaluating community-based education projects in Peterborough/Haliburton, Ottawa, and Vancouver.


“Imagining Otherwise: The Ephemeral Spaces of Envisioning New Meanings.” with Carla Rice, Eliza Chandler and Nadine Changfoot. Mobilizing metaphor: Art, culture and disability activism in Canada. Eds. Christine Kelly & Michael Orsini. Vancouver: University British Columbia Press, 2016.

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Nominated for the 2012 John McMenemy prize, the Canadian Political Science Association annual award for best scholarly article

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