The Honourable Sidney Smith Prize

This prize is named in honour of Hon. Sidney Smith, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the United Province of Canada from 1854 to 1861, Postmaster General of the United Province of Canada from 1858 to 1862, and elected Member of the Legislative Council from 1861 to 1863. It is the gift of Hon. S. Bruce Smith, Chief Justice of Alberta, and of Muriel Turner and H.G.H. Smith, QC, of Winnipeg and is awarded annually to the leading undergraduate majoring in Political Studies and History in the second year.

Recipients of the Hon. Sidney Smith Prize:


2016-17 Jordan Stere

2015-16 Not awarded

2014-15  Matthiew Reekie

2013-14  Shalon Hunte

2012-13 Not awarded

2011-12 Not awarded

2010-11 Not awarded

2009-10 Heather-Lynn Degeer

2008-09 Nicole Rallis

2007-08 Nicole Rallis

2006-07 Brennan McConnell

2005-06 Mara Wyatt

2003-04 Eric D. Lee

2001-02 Logan Weir

1995-96 Brian David Kelly

1994-95 Gavin Muir

1993-94 Christopher Dummit

1992-93 Al Vachon

1990-91 Corey Scott