The Andrew Priestman Memorial Prize in Politics

This book prize was established in honour of the late Andrew Priestman, Honours B.A. 1991. It is awarded annually to a graduating student in Politicsal Studies who has maintained a solid academic achievement and made an above-average contribution to student life and the activities of the Political Studies Department. Students and faculty are encouraged to make nominations.

Recipients of the Priestman Book Prize include:

2016-17  Ashley Fearnall

2015-16  Rebecca Hubble and Boykin Smith

2014-15  Charlotte Caza

2013-14  Mathew Neeson and Lauren Pinder

2012-13  Jordan Pegutter

2011-12  Tegan Owen

2010-11  Jillian Toonders

2009-10  Not awarded

2008-09  Christiana Fizet

2007-08  Christopher Augstman

2006-07  Not awarded

2005-06  Michael McClurg

2004-05  Mark Noble

2003-04  Gabrielle McMurray

2002-03  Jamie Levin

2000-01  Matthew Griem

1999-00  Sarah Gauthier

1998-99  Kari Wolanski


1997-98  Shannon Roberts

1996-97  Andrew Steele and Sarah Blackstock

1995-96  Allison Mudge

1994-95  Jason Gauley

1993-94  Andrea Harrington