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Physics & Astronomy Graduate Students

Your degree from Trent will prepare you for graduate studies anywhere in the world, including at Trent University with M.Sc. and Ph.D. options. And, you get paid to go to graduate school!

Research in Physics & Astronomy at Trent

Graduate Studies at Trent

Graduate Studies in Physics & Astronomy at Trent

There are three graduate programs in Physics & Astronomy available at Trent:

Materials Science Program (MTSC)

  • an exciting, multi-disciplinary field that investigates matter and materials across a broad range of scales, interactions, and applications
  • designed for graduates of science programs who want a career in interdisciplinary research
  • develop knowledge and research experience at the interface of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering
  • emphasizes core science and the development of science communication skills

Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods (AMOD)

  • designed to overcome barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing together graduate students who are applying quantitative modelling techniques in their thesis research in a broad range of disciplines
  • For Physics students, it will involve research in physics, course work both in physics and in modelling techniques and a fortnightly Modelling research colloquium and a weekly Physics/Chemistry research colloquium
  • It will permit progression to Ph.D. programs in Physics at other universities. Applications are due Feb. 2)

Trent-Queen's Graduate Studies Program

  • students may register for an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in Physics from Queen's University in Kingston while carrying out their research work and part of their course work at Trent.