Graduate Student Recruitment Letter

Dear graduating physics student,

As you approach the end of your undergraduate career in Physics, you will be planning for the next steps. This note is to advise you of the opportunity for graduate study next year in Physics at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

Our Department of Physics has several openings and funding for new graduate students pursuing MSc and PhD programs in physics and astronomy. Our graduates are highly respected in science and industry because of the quality, breadth and flexibility of their graduate education. And Trent is recognized as one of the best funded universities for NSERC grants in the Primarily Undergraduate category, according to the Maclean's survey of Canadian Universities.

Research assistantship stipends and teaching assistantships are available. Most physics graduate students receive stipends ranging from $17,000 to $22,000, based on their level and scholarship status.

Choosing Trent University for an advanced degree in physics is the right choice if you want one of our research areas (below) and prefer

Opportunities and funding are available for graduate students in the following Physics research programs, with MSc and PhD degrees in most fields. For more information, click on the web sites given below.