Teaching Goals of the Trent Physics Program

The Department of Physics seeks to create opportunities for all Trent students to develop their appreciation for science, and for physics in particular, with a level of physics literacy appropriate to their interests and career goals. At the undergraduate level it offers an Honours B.Sc. (4-year) and a General (3-year), as well as non-specialist courses in astronomy and science teaching. Physics degrees can be either Single-Major (concentration in physics only) or Joint-Major (concentration in two subjects, such as Physics and Mathematics). At the graduate level it offers an M.Sc. degree through the graduate program in Applications of Modelling, or and Ph.D. degrees through a collaboration with Queen's University.

We identify the following groups of students each with unique needs:

* Group 1: Students who choose to major in physics.
We assist these students in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully in the wide variety of professions open to those with physics bachelor's degrees. This includes those who proceed directly to employment after graduation, those who enter advanced professional programs, and those who go on to graduate school.
* Group 2: Students who are not majoring in physics but for whom experience with physics is required, or simply desirable, for their chosen discipline or career path.
This group includes, but is not limited to, future chemists, doctors, dentists, and teachers. We seek to assist these students in developing a general understanding of the scope of physics, facility with selected concepts and skills, and an appreciation for the connections which exist between their interests and the field of physics.
* Group 3: Students who are not majoring in physics but who are curious about physics and/or science in general.
We seek to assist these students in exploring some of our exciting field, developing their appreciation for the qualitative and quantitative understanding of our world as well as the process by which this understanding is developed.