Physics and Astronomy Sites


[Ontario Association of Physics Teachers]

Ontario Association of Physics Teachers

The mission of the OAPT is to advance the teaching of physics in the secondary schools, colleges, and universities of Ontario and to promote a professional spirit and collegiality among the members of the Association.


Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) provides a forum for physicists to meet and discuss physics, increases the visibility of Canadian Physics, and raises the profile of Canadian Physicists, in Canada and abroad, provides a united voice for physicists on the national scene and speaks out on science policy and funding issues, raises public awareness to the significance of physics for the well-being of our country and encourages young Canadians, both men and women, to study physics.

Saint Mary's University

Physics and Astronomy Demonstration Website (submitted by Pauline)

[Physics Web]


The Website for Physicists The web site of Physics World, a monthly magazine.


HyperPhysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation.


TIPTOP - The Internet Pilot TO Physics

An award-winning international list of physics links for news, research, conferences, journals, discussions, jobs, book reviews, resources, history, and more! If you can't find it here ... give up!


American Institute of Physics

Many physics-related resources, organizations, journals, and other www links.

[Nobel Prize in Physics]

Nobel Prize Official website of the Nobel Foundation.

[Contemporary Physics Education Project]

The Contemporary Physics Education Project

Interactive tutorials for introductory physics students about particle physics including: The Particle Adventure and Fusion - Physics.

[Canadian Physics Olympiad]

The Canadian Physics Olympiad

International team competion of students from around the world compete with pencil and paper.

"Your guide to physics on the web". A great time sink.

Physics Education Research Group

Ohio State University. Different projects related to Physics Education. (Maple tutorial too).

[Great Canadian Scientists]

Combines rich narrative biography with clear graphic explanation to describe Canada's greatest scientists and their achievements. Great Canadian scientists. Are there any other kind?