Joint Chemistry / Physics and Astronomy Seminar Program

Wednesday 11:00 am


2015-2016 Schedule of Seminars (subject to change/cancellation)

September 16, 2015

Physics - cancelled

September 23, 2015

Dr. Prashanth Poddutoori

Department of Chemistry

Brock University

Bio-inspired Molecular Integration for Solar Fuels
September 30, 2015

Dr. Shouyu Wang

College of Physics & Material Science

Tianjin Normal University China

Polarization Related Resistive Switching in Ferroelectric Thin Films Capacitors

October 7, 2015

Chemistry - cancelled


October14, 2015

Mark Baker (Ph.D. Candidate)

Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of Western Ontario

Followed by Physics Awards Presentations

October 21, 2015

Dr. Antony Ruzzini

Department of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Harvard Medical School


October 28, 2015

Reading Week


Reading Week
November 4, 2015

Dr. Peter Lafleur

Department of Geography

Trent University

November 11, 2015

Prof. Joe B. Gilroy

Department of Chemistry & the Centre for Advanced Materials & Biomaterials Research

Western University

November 18, 2015

Physics TBA


November 25, 2015

Dr. Alexandre Poulain

Department of Chemistry

University of Ottawa


Christmas break

Christmas break


Christmas break
January 6, 2016

Physics- cancelled


January 14, 2016*



(*change of date)

Dr. Travis Fridgen

Department of Chemistry

Memorial University

Gas Phase Structures and Energetics of Noncovalently Bound Metal Ion-DNA Base Complexes*

(*Science Complex Room 203)

January 20, 2016

Gordon Pennycook

Cognitive Psychology

Waterloo University

January 27, 2016

Chemistry TBA

February 3, 2016

David Cooke

Department of Physics

McGill University


February 10, 2016
Chemistry TBA
February 17, 2016

Reading Week


Reading Week
February 24, 2016

Graeme Luke

Department of Physics & Astronomy

McMaster University

March 2, 2016

David Zechel

Department of Chemistry

Queen's University

Follow the Chemistry: Making and Breaking Odd Bonds with Enzymes
March 9, 2016

Professor Keith Vanderlinde

Dunlop Institute & Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Univeristy of Toronto

March 16, 2016

Dr. Mihai Scarlette

Department of Chemistry

Bishop's University

March 23, 2016

Allison Flynn

Departement of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

University of Ottawa

March 30, 2016

Dr. Patrick L. Hayes

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Université de Montréal


The Physics seminar co-ordinator in 2015/2016 is David Patton