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Dr. Marc Champagne received his PhD in Philosophy from York University in 2014. He also has a PhD in Semiotics, which he obtained from UQAM in 2008. Before coming to the Trent Philosophy Department, Dr. Champagne was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki in Finland. His areas of specialization are in Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind. His recent research has focused on the role of signs in conscious experience and logical reasoning. Some of his articles also deal with current issues in psychology, philosophy of the social sciences, pragmatism, and ethics. He is the author of Oxford University Press’ annotated bibliography on Semiotics and has a forthcoming book with Springer titled Consciousness and the Philosophy of Signs. You can learn more about his work by visiting https://marcchampagne.org/


Recent and Selected Publications:


“Brandom, Peirce, and the Overlooked Friction of Contrapiction.” Synthese, in press.
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