Musician's and Artist's Guide to Trent Radio

Are you a local musician? Are you a touring artist coming through Peterborough on your travels? Don't forget about Trent Radio!!! Did you know that according to CRTC regulations 35% of all the music played on community radio stations must be Canadian?

We offer a few wonderful services for artists who want to promote their audio and/or events within the Peterborough area.

But first you must learn about ... Smooth Operator.
   Mondays thru Friday at 11am, 2pm & 6pm.

The show is 30 minutes long and all of the music played during this time is either local or touring bands playing locally in the near future. This program airs every week-day and is dedicated to announcing local listings, interviewing touring bands and event organisers etc etc.

What can we do for you...

a) WE WILL PLAY YOUR MUSIC - send us a copy of your CD, CDR or Cassette tape along with a brief bio including contact information and we will add it to our local music archives. As a community radio station 35% of our music aired must be Canadian. As a community station within Peterborough, we love to support the local arts scene because it is so very vibrant and we want to keep it that way!

b) WE WILL ANNOUNCE YOUR UPCOMING SHOW - do you have a show or event coming up? send us a few posters and a PSA (please see 'How to Write a PSA' on the main page) and we will announce your event on Smooth Operator.

c) WE WILL INTERVIEW YOU LIVE ON AIR - if you will be in town before your show, you can call the station and book an interview on Smooth Operator. This interview can also be conducted live by phone during the Smooth Operator time slots, or it can be pre-recorded if you are not available at those times.

give us a call - (705)741-4011
send us an email - (subject line 'touring through ptbo'
send us your music - 715 George St N, Peterborough ON, K9H 3T2

By the way ...
If you want to know if we have your music in our Archive, click here to start a search.
If you want to know if we've played your music during our Regular Broadcasts, click here, and use your browser to search the music sheets.
If you want to a listing of the music played on Radio Free Peterborough, click here.