Trent Radio's Image Gallery


Trent Radio Moving Day - Bata/Biko to LEC 1979

 Beyond the Bata/Biko
- Opening of the Lady Eaton Studio 1979

Trent Radio in transition late1970s-1980s

Installation of Trent Radio's First Transmitter
and Antenna - December 1984

Trent Radio's "Freq
n Power" Change
- (96.3FM to 92.7FM) April 1997

Trent Bowling Party - Spring 1997

General Photos 1998-1999 Season

Radio on the Lawn 1998-1999 Season

General Photos 1999-2000 Season

Live Music Day 24 March 2000

General Photographs 2000-2001 Season

General Photographs 2001-2002 Season

Trent Radio's Mortgage Burn & Radio Marathon
- December 2001

Trent Radio Art

The limitations of this archive are only due to the availability of photographs. If you have any contributions, whether pictures or comments, please send them to Emily Addison at
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