[On Air 

How to be a Programmer at Trent Radio


[:)]What To Do
[!] Programmer's Checklist
[:(] What Not To Do

[:)]Do you have a neat idea for a programme?

If you need suggestions talk to former programmers, friends, enemies, heck, even the programme director.

[:)]Now what to do?

Come on down! Pick up a programme proposal form. Attempt to articulate your idea on paper. This is the time to think it through. Drop off your proposal at the station. Wait for the charming radio gods to smile on you.

[:)]Did they smile?

You had better buy a membership (for the low low price of $20) if you haven't one already. Ensure you are signed up for orientation and studio training.

Whatever you do, don't fret. Trent Radio staff work in partnership with programmers to support and assist them.

Please note: A regular show may be pre-empted if it coincides with Special events and Radio Project Days. These occur irregularly throughout the year.


Programmer's Check List

[!]research and prepare your show
[!]arrive 20 minutes early
[!]let the on air person know you are here
[!]read notice boards
[!]talk to the operator / staff
[!]ensure that the studio has all the equipment you need
[!]is the logger machine running?
[!]sign programme log
[!]fill in programming log sheets (remember minimum 30% Canadian content for music)
[!]announce upcoming programme and events
[!]air one public service announcement and one station ID per hour
[!]after your show, clean up any mess in the studio
[!]put away all archive material
[!]make sure you prepare a back-up show and a show promo (tapes)


The Programme Director, being mean and ruthless, may discontinue a programme if...

[:(]...the programmer does not show up for their show and does not give notice. Chronic lateness is equally unacceptable.

[:(]...programming does not fulfil the programme proposal. The programme proposal is like a small promise of performance. We are especially concerned with programmers who promise foreground programming

[:(] ...the host of the programme changes without notice. Please clear all changes with the Programme Director.

[:(] ...the programmer refuses to take responsibility for their "on air" comments. Intent makes a big difference in content. A programmer may on occasion be accused of of something they did not intend.

[:(]...it has become apparent that the programmer is stealing from Trent Radio. Theft of our equipment and materials jeopardizes a programmers ability to produce great radio. Trent radio will prosecute.

[:(] ...drugs or alcohol are being used by programmers anywhere on the premises. Trent Radio does not condemn drug use per se, but not here, please. Also broadcasting while intoxicated produces programming which is usually, but not always, BORING.


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