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Welcome to the TUMUG website,
dedicated to helping Macintosh users at Trent University (in Peterborough, ON).


Trent University IT Critical Strategic Plan Examines Apple Products (July 5, 2013)
On page 28 of Trent IT's Strategic Plan (PDF; released May 2013) is a section entitled "The Apple is Back". Indicating a continued growth in the PC market, questions are asked about supporting Apple computers, what licenses and services provided work on the Mac platform, and whether an Apple computer lab should be considered.

Among the initiatives listed in the Plan:

  • enhancement of personal and shared storage, which is easily accessible from any device (including Mac)
  • enhancement of email/calendaring/contacts, on a platform that is 'device agnostic' (i.e., will support Mac and all other common platforms)
  • work towards a support policy that in some way supports Macs
  • increase suppor for Macs, and new Mac lab introduction initiative

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Keep in touch with Mac users on Trent campus?

  • Johann Beda (Physics) maintains the Trent Macintosh User's Group (TMUG) mailing list at To subscribe, send email to , or use the form on Johann Beda's web page. If you are interested in previous list postings, anyone can view them online.
  • Jim Conley has an email distribtution list of Trent Mac users.

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About the Trent University Macintosh Users Group

The Trent University Macintosh Users Group (TUMUG) exists to
  • help Trent Mac users (including students, staff, and faculty) get information about Mac and technology issues on campus, and
  • provide avenues for Trent Mac users to get help on Mac-related problems they encounter.
We hope to have occasional meetings on various topics, and keep Macintosh users informed about developments at Trent and abroad which affect Macintosh users.

If you have any suggestions regarding:

  • topics for meetings
  • improvements and additions to the web page
  • anything Mac related!
email Robert Loney, Environmental and Resource Studies Program, or David Poole (Mathematics Department).

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