Here are some interesting plant-related links suggested by our Executive and Members.  If you have a link you think should be included here (related to botany, conservation, etc.), email the webmaster.















Andy’s Northern Ontario Wildflowers


Botanical Electronic News (BEN)


Carolinian Canada


Canadian Botanical Conservation Network


Canadian Museum of Nature


Conserving Great Lakes Alvars




Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia


Federation of Ontario Naturalists


Flora of North America Project


Integrated Taxonomic Information System


Lanark County Plant Checklist


Marsh Monitoring Program


Ministry of Natural Resources


Natural Heritage Information Centre


Nature Conservancy of Canada


Natureserve Explorer


North American Native Plant Society


Northern Ontario Plant Database


Ontario Parks


Ontario Society for Ecological Restoration


Ontario Wildflowers


Royal Botanical Gardens


Royal Ontario Museum


Tallgrass Ontario


University of Guelph Herbarium


World Wildlife Fund Canada




























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