John Goldie Award


John Goldie




2007 - Donald Britton

2008 - George Argus

2009 - John Morton

2010 - Paul Maycock

2011 - Jim Pringle

2012 - Peter Ball

2013 - Adele Crowder

2014 - Dorothy Tiedje

2015 - Joan Crowe





Read more history about John Goldie here.


In 2007, the Field Botanists of Ontario initiated an award that recognizes the contribution of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of field botany in Ontario. That award is named the John Goldie Award for Field Botany. The award recognizes his early pioneering efforts in conducting surveys of vegetation in the Province of Ontario and New York State in the early 1800s.

In order to continue the recognition process, FBO is seeking suggestions from the general membership regarding the names of suitable recipients for the award. Nominations for the annual award should be submitted to the President of FBO no later than July 1 each year.

Critical information to be provided with the nomination includes:

  • Name of recipient (and his/her contact information)

  • Name of nominator (to be kept confidential) and their contact information

  • A statement by the nominator concerning the nominee's contributions to botany in Ontario as befits the award.

  • Supporting letters or other documentation whenever possible






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