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Human Rights at Trent

Trent University is firmly committed to ensuring awareness of rights and responsibilities under its Discrimination and Harassment Policy (2013) and to the goal of eliminating discriminatory barriers. Indispensable to an institution that values, supports and upholds the central role of equality, access and respect for its faculty, students and staff, is an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. Trent University is fundamentally committed to the promotion of free inquiry and expression, and strives to provide a working, learning and an on-campus residential environment that is supportive of study, scholarship, teaching and research.

Click the following link to download Trent University's Discrimination and Harassment Policy (2016) or click here to read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

Click the following link to download a flowchart of the Resolution Procedures described in the Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Download our Discrimination and Harassment Policy Brochure: front | inside

If you would like to report an incident of harassment or discrimination, please contact Tara Harrington, Human Rights Advisor, at or 705-748-1011 ext. 7725