Trent M.A. Sustainabilty Studies Student Receives $1,000 EDAC Legacy Scholarship


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trent University student Paul Grieve has been selected by the organizers of the 2011 national Economic Developers’ Association Conference (EDAC) to receive a $1,000 scholarship recognizing academic excellence.

The award was announced yesterday at the closing gala dinner for the conference.

Each year, EDAC funds a Legacy Scholarship in the community where it holds its national conference as a thank you to the city hosting their event.  In 2011, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Trent and a Fleming College student.

"This award reflects not only on my efforts, but also on the highly progressive and interdisciplinary nature of the Sustainability Studies program at Trent University,” said Mr. Grieve. “Participating in this program has allowed me a rare opportunity to examine important questions about regional development through economic, social and environmental lenses. I look forward to continuing my studies."

Paul Grieve, a resident of Peterborough, is graduate student pursuing his Master of Arts degree in Trent University’s new Sustainabilty Studies graduate program. Grieve is creating a pilot scale biodiesel production facility with a company who has agreed to provide some financial support.  He is also investigating the potential for using insect larvae to convert decaying post-consumer, non-separated organic waste into a high quality soil amendment.  A longer term project he is pursuing is the creation of a retail outlet specializing in locally/regionally produced food, to create an additional channel to make locally grown products more widely available.

“Paul Grieve’s academic contributions to local economic development make him an ideal candidate to receive this award,” said Dr. Asaf Zohar, director of Trent’s Sustainability Studies program.  “His work also highlights how strongly the local farming community is already engaged in leading sustainable farming strategies, practices and technologies. The generous scholarship from EDAC is a solid endorsement of Paul’s research interests and positive reflection on the quality of interdisciplinary teaching and research that is being delivered in our emerging Sustainability Studies program. On behalf of Trent University, I would like to thank EDAC organizers for their generous support.”

The EDAC Legacy Scholarship was first launched in 2006 to increase national awareness of EDAC and of the economic development profession, and to increase the public’s appreciation of the valuable contributions made by economic development professionals to communities across Canada.
Trent University’s M.A. in Sustainability is an interdisciplinary research and reflective practice training program designed to enable students to explore the sustainability of human societies and the natural environment on which they depend. The program aims to provide students with education and training that will prepare them to be intellectual and organizational leaders within academia, government, industry, and the non-profit sector.

To learn about the program visit the Sustainability M.A. web site.

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For more information contact:
Paul Grieve, 705-740-5058, or by email at
Asaf Zohar, Associate Professor and Director, Sustainabilty Studies Program,
(705) 748-1011, ext. 7554