City of Peterborough Provides Benefits to Local Students Who Choose Trent


Fund provides extra support for students in financial need and rewards academic excellence

Thursday, June 23, 2011, Peterborough

Peterborough high-school students considering a Trent University education are discovering the many benefits of studying locally, including support from the City of Peterborough Award Fund, which provides valuable entrance awards for students in financial need.

Trent sociology major Katie Siddall received a total of $2000 towards her tuition when she began at Trent in September 2010. At the top of her class at Crestwood Secondary, she applied for everything she could get to support her studies at Trent.

“It was a real honour for me to be the one chosen from Crestwood,” said Ms. Siddall. The City of Peterborough Award is given to the highest achieving student from each Peterborough high-school who demonstrates financial need. Recipients of the award must have an average of at least 80% and be Peterborough residents.

Ms. Siddall was always drawn to Trent for its intimate nature and the beauty of the Symons Campus - for her the perfect place to ease in to university life while taking on the new challenge of higher education. “It was a huge transition,” said Ms. Siddall. “Being based at home and not having to worry about living arrangements and other expenses helped me with the challenges of time management and organization.”

“The main thing for me was to acclimatize myself to the demands of academic life and to keep my marks up,” said Ms. Siddall. “I’m from Peterborough, so it’s nice to be able to stay here and to focus on what’s important in my studies.”

“Students can save a great deal of money if they live at home while attending Trent,” said Alice Pelkman, assistant registrar in the Financial Aid Office. “At least half of the cost of attending a post-secondary institution can be living expenses. Attending your local institution can be a cost effective way to receive a high quality education.”

Trent University is a leader in offering a wide range of scholarships, awards and bursaries to students.

2011 City of Peterborough Award winners will be announced following the granting of final marks in Peterborough high schools.

The City of Peterborough Fund is matched by the Government of Ontario under the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund.