Trent University Honours Top Athletes at Annual Awards Ceremony


Prestigious Arthur Cup Presented to Student Athletes
Alexandra Thompson and Joshua Neadow

Wednesday, March 31, 2010, Peterborough

Trent University’s Department of Athletics and Recreation celebrated student athletic achievement at the annual Athletic Awards Ceremony, held in the Great Hall at Champlain College last night.

Student athletes Alexandra Thompson and Joshua Neadow were awarded the Arthur Cup, the University’s most prestigious award for graduates who have demonstrated outstanding contribution, sportsmanship, participation, and leadership in the athletic programs.

Alexandra Thompson of Peterborough, this year's women’s varsity volleyball team captain for a third consecutive year, led her team to another great season. At the OCAA Championships, Ms. Thompson was named player of the game in two matches for her top skills as an offensive and defensive player. On many occasions, she ranked Top 10 in the OCAA for points and is familiar with being an All Star. Her hard work also continued off the court, as a promoter and convenor for campus recreation.

Joshua Neadow, who hails from Parham, Ontario, has an ongoing list of credentials with Trent University’s men’s varsity volleyball team. Mr. Neadow has participated in the OCAA championships on more than one occasion. While competing, he received three consecutive first-team All Star awards at the OCAA, and was also recognized as one of the best Leberos in Ontario. Mr. Neadow exemplifies sportsmanship on and off the court, and is respectful not only to his team, but also his opponents. He also puts forth a large commitment to campus recreation as a referee for volleyball, and is also involved heavily in the community and schools as a volunteer.

In presenting the award, Athletic director Bill Byrick stated, “Our 2010 Arthur Cup winners are both representative of what varsity sport is about at Trent. Both Alex and Josh have excelled on the court, in the classroom and in their communities over the course of the last four years. They are leaders on campus and they will make a difference in tomorrow world.”

Another prestigious award, the Gary Wolff Leadership Award, was presented to Mark Basterfield of Peterborough, a first-year master’s student in the Environmental & Life Sciences graduate program, Academic All Canadian and Canadian rowing champion. The award is presented each year to a student athlete who has demonstrated determination and leadership through balancing sport, community involvement and academic performance. This award was established by the Trent University Alumni Association in June 2002 to commemorate the service of Gary Wolff, chair of the Board of Governors from 1997 to 2002.

Among Mr. Basterfield’s accolades this season are seven gold medals in various regattas across Ontario and Canada. in men’s pairs at the Canadian University Rowing Championships, gold at OUA in Men’s heavy 4, gold in the men’s heavy 4 at Head of The Trent, gold in men’s heavy 4 at the Brock Invitational, gold in the Men’s heavy 8 at the Head of The Trent, and gold in the Men’s heavy 4 and 8 at the Head of Redeemer. Mr. Basterfield has also played a vital role in the campus recreation sport leagues, captaining and participating in outdoor and indoor soccer, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee.

In addition, the following students were honoured with the University Athletic Award, presented to third- and fourth-year students who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the varsity and campus recreation programs:

Leslie Schumacher – Lakefield
Leslie Schumacher has been a consistent force on the women’s volleyball team. Demonstrating excellent role modeling skills, her presence and personality is highly respected by her team mates. In her last year at Trent, Ms. Schumacher represented Trent University at its first OCAA Championship.

Brian Burns – Embrun
Brian Burns, varsity athlete, convenor and referee, has been an ongoing contributor to Trent Athletics. Not only did he take part as a varsity rower, he has spent countless hours as a convenor for the Competitive Hockey League over the past four years. His skills also extend into the Aquatics division as Mr. Burns has been a lifeguard and instructor for a swim fit program.

Jenna Bonner – Cavan
Jenna Bonner has made herself known at the Peterborough Curling Club as a gracious opponent and clutch shot maker. Over four years she has participated in Trent University’s varsity curling as a first-line up regular. Her positive attitude also landed her the title of an OUA All-Star team skip.

Jonathan Cassidy – Brampton
Jonathan Cassidy has competed as an integral part of our men’s curling team for the past four years. His hard work and dedication has aided in his team earning the right to compete at the OUA Championship this season. When not on the ice or in class, Mr. Cassidy can be found working as Champlain College Cabinet’s vice president or participating in campus recreation. He has also allocated his time towards the Frontier College Penpal and Peer Tutoring Programs.

Karim Pringle – Pickering
Karim Pringle has been part Trent Athletics for five years. His dedication to the sport of rowing has been reflected in two ways – as an athlete who has participated at National levels, and as a coach who has influenced young rowers to compete. Mr. Pringle has also played a large role in Athletics by co-founding and co-chairing the varsity committee, while also taking part in various campus recreation sport leagues.

Erin Monette – Ottawa
Erin Monette has demonstrated how to balance a busy academic schedule with varsity sport. Her commitment to the rowing team has earned her as high as OUA championship to a bronze medal at the Canadian Championships. As an athlete, Ms. Monette has maintained excellent academic standing throughout her years at Trent.

Sako Khederlarian – Pickering
Sako Khederlarian has put forth a strong interest in providing and improving recreation for the students at Trent. He participated in the Athletic Advisory Committee in previous years, chaired the Committee this year, and has been a constant positive force in encouraging participation and creating new activities. He has established squash clinics and ladder tournaments for the students re-establishing the sport at Trent, initiating women’s-only swims to assist Muslim women, and has been a driving force for the “The Central” in stimulating recreational activity at the University. 

Kevin MacLean – Port of Spain, Trinidad
Kevin MacLean has been a driving force on the men’s varsity rugby team. He led his team to an OCAA East Division Championship this year, while acting as a team player and taking a strong interest in team dynamics. Mr. MacLean has also organized team practices in the off-season to help keep his team motivated and ready for the season to come.

Brent Holmes – Caledon
Brent Holmes has had a remarkable season this year. He has clearly shown that his true passion is rowing, and he will strive to achieve higher levels at any given opportunity. An outstanding performance at the Canadian University Rowing Championships earned him gold in the Men’s heavyweight pair, stroking the men’s eight to victory at the Head of the Trent and stroking the men’s four to an undefeated season. Mr. Holmes has represented Trent at its finest, and has the potential to represent Canada at a future Olympic Games.

The following varsity athletes were honoured for outstanding commitment and dedication to their respective sports:

Cross Country Running          

  • Craig Sim
  • Carrie Vanhie
    Alisa Craig                   


  • Behn Lane
    Niagara Falls
  • Becky Clements


  • Tyson Shennett

Men’s Lacrosse

  • Josh Wasson-McQuigge
  • Tyler Warren


  • Erin Monette (Michael Cullen Award) 
  • Cameron Munro (Rob de Jong Award)

Rob Marland Award:
Brent Holmes, Mark Basterfield, Richard Love, Jacob Heydon Thomas, Candace Cook

Women’s Rugby

  • Mallory Gunning
  • Lianne Schumacher

Men’s Rugby

  • Steve LeBrun
  • Kevin MacLean
    Port of Spain, Trinidad

Women’s Soccer

  • Jennifer Powless
  • Brittany MacIntosh
    St. Catharines

Men’s Soccer

  • Bobby MacNab
  • Thaddeus Bolton


  • Courtney Wood (Sophie Kingdon)
  • Mitchell Illes
  • Kara McFall

Women’s Volleyball

  • Leslie Schumacher
  • Alex Thompson

Men’s Volleyball

  • Chris Ferguson-Martin
  • Josh Neadow
  • Ian Rettie


For further information, please contact:
Bill Byrick, Director of Athletics, Trent University, (705) 748-1252