New Green Initiatives Solidify Trent’s Role as Environmental Leader


New Standards for Paper and Cleaning Products, Participation in Provincial Sustainability Pledge Showcase University’s Commitment to the Environment

Thursday, January 14, 2010, Peterborough

As a new year and academic term begin at Trent, the University is reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the environment by introducing new, green standards for campus-wide paper use and cleaning products as well as through committing to the Council of Ontario Universities Sustainability Pledge. 

Green Paper Standards
Trent University has made the move to 100% post-consumer, recycled paper for all campus copiers and printers. The paper selected is Enviro100 which also carries with it the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label and the EcoLogo label from Environmental Choice.  It is also processed Chlorine-free using biogas and is certified for use in laser printers. 

“We printed all of the December exams on the new paper,” said Bill Bowers, manager of the Trent Print Shop. “This is such an easy way to make a difference.”
Additionally, the Marketing and Communications Office has changed the stock for both Trent’s letterhead and business cards to also be 100% post-consumer recycled and carry the FSC certification.
Paper at Trent is purchased centrally through the Print Shop. This centralized system not only allows the University to track trends in paper use, but will also allow for better estimating the full benefit of this change in paper moving forward.
Using the US Environmental Defence Fund paper calculator to illustrate the impact of this change, the following are the estimated environmental savings on an annual basis: 57 tonnes of wood (~443 trees); 41,030 kWh; 19,129 Kg eCO2; 767,235L of waste water; and 5,594 Kg of solid waste.
Green Cleaning
For years Trent has been incorporating more environmentally responsible cleaning products into our cleaning practices as they have become available. Recently, when it was time to tender for the supply of these products, the opportunity arose to stipulate that all products needed to meet either the Environmental Choice EcoLogo or Green Seal certification. While the evaluation process was lengthy to ensure certified products that were highly effective, the green cleaning started the first week of January 2010.
The component of the evaluation process that carried the most weight was a three week trial period during which Trent caretaking staff used the products from the various bidders and evaluated how effective they were. Caretaking staff embraced the new program. 

“I’m really excited about using these new products because they will make a healthier work environment for our staff and for the students.” said Krisity Post, caretaker.

COU Sustainability Pledge
Trent University recently signed the Council of Ontario Universities Sustainability Pledge. This commits Trent to continue our efforts in environmental stewardship, to preserve green space and construct new, more sustainable facilities, reduce energy consumption and to consider some new initiatives moving forward. The pledge, signed by 21 colleges and Universities in Ontario in November 2009, articulates a university commitment to integrate sustainability into all three pillars of campus life: academic programs, research activities and operating practices.

For more information about the new green paper standards, please contact:
Bill Bowers, Manager, Trent Print Shop, (705) 748-1011 x1403

For more information about the green cleaning products, please contact:
Wayne Craft, Manager, Facility Services, (705) 748-1011 x7572